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Sexual energy is powerful. One of the most potent forms of energy on this planet.

Intent and ritual are what allow this potent energy to be channeled towards the intended goal. 

This is what sets the ritual apart from a traditional dominatrix session.

Each ritual is tailored to the individual. Intent, interests, limits, and safe words are discussed before hand. The beginning of the ceremony begins with settling into the space, discussing intent, and lighting a candle. From there, we begin with an exercise to connect energetically, such as breathing together. Then the pieces of the ritual flow from there. 

Examples of goals and intentions:

-moving stagnant energy

-shifting limited beliefs

-manifesting increased abundance in wealth / health / love / etc

-shifting habits

-enhance confidence

-enhance creativity 

-something as simple as to HAVE FUN or have a new experience

Some of my favorite tools for ritual include: 

-Energy work/ reiki


-Orgasm control

-Moving energy through spanking/flogging/whipping

-Mindful sensation play

-Tantric JOI

_Combining other traditional BDSM kinks (see interests)

-Oracle card pull

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