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Fill out my booking form to below to get started.


Contact email: (preferred)

(old one:


All sessions and intake forms are kept strictly confidential, discreet and private. 

Session options are text, phone, cam, and in person. 

Virtual Play Rates (through telegram, Skype, or phone #):

Texting session, 1 hour of My FULL attention: 95$

Phone Session: 30 minutes 90$

Luxury hypnosis phone session 30 minutes: 120$

Cam session: 15 minutes (or less) 75$

Virtual Play Protocol:

Fill out this form below to reserve an appointment once you are ready to prepay for the time slot. A couple hours notice at minimum is highly recommended to insure my availability. 

you may also call my niteflirt while I'm signed on however:

*NOTE: NEVER mention or inquire about in person sessions in writing (text or mail) via my paid online platforms (niteflirt, sextpanther, onlyfans, etc). This violates their terms of service and I will immediately block you to protect my account. If this happens, you will need to book directly through me (my protomail email or this form) for phone or cam, as you will not be able to contact me through that platform again.*

To reserve a virtual session, fill out the form below.  Then when I approve your appointment date, you pay the session in full to reserve your time slot.


In person booking protocol

NEW Special rates now that I'm settled into Houston!

sessions take place at the renowned fully equipped dungeon, The Vault. outcalls and domestic setting hotels considered at my discretion.


BDSM Session:

  • 30 minutes - $280

  • One hour - $450

  • 90 minutes - $640

  • Two Hours - $800

  • 3 hours or more: special rates depending on the scene.

Casual Meet and Greets (coffee, lunch, dinner, or social outings):

$300/ hr

Cuddle Session:

$300/ hr

Option to film our scene for your own private keepsake : extra 150

open to filming scene that I can use later for my store: (you must be willing to fill out 2257 compliant paperwork and provide your ID  so I can legally distribute it in my store. at my discretion, depending on how well  I think it'd sell, inquire with me.

NOTE: I respect privacy first and foremost, nothing is filmed without prior consent ! 

Screening options for new clients are one of these three options:

(1) a verifiable reference of a professional Mistress (or similar provider) you've served before,

(2) your government issued ID

(3) a paid video or phone session FIRST to test chemistry. 

For the reference check I require the Mistress's website or ad link, and YOUR contact info where you initially contacted her so she knows how to reference it.

I require a nonrefundable 50% deposit to put the appointment on my calendar. This insures my time is covered in case of no / show cancellation, as that time is set aside so I don't take other clients, and so my incall and booking costs on my end are covered. While traveling, some cities may require a 2 hour booking minimum. Fly Me to You's require 75% deposit.


Deposits and online session payments only accepted through the following:


-Bitcoin (BTC) 

-Tributes through ManyVids, niteflirt or clipsforsale (for online sessions only) this route requires an extra fee to cover their up to 30% they take out.
-giftcards through amazon

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